The 5 Best Oils to Use In Your Diffuser Necklace

Garit Boothe

You finally got that diffuser necklace or bracelet you’ve been wanting for months: now what oils do you put in it? That depends on what therapeutic benefits you want and what scents you like. I picked five diverse essential oils based on their commonality, scent, therapeutic benefits, and personal enjoyment. The 5 best oils for diffuser necklaces are: OnGuard (or your favorite immune-booster) Lavender Peppermint Jasmine Amber OnGuard: Your Best All-Around Oil for Diffuser Necklaces doTERRA’s blend OnGuard is one of the company’s best-selling oils. It’s a sweet-smelling blend designed to be an all-around immune system booster to help ward off colds, coughs, and...