About Us

Vital Botanix is dedicated to helping people learn about, buy, and use essential oils and aromatherapy products.

We currently offer essential oils jewelry, including essential oil diffuser necklaces, chakra bracelets with lava rocks, diffuser bracelets, electronic diffusers, and an assortment of other natural jewelry. We will soon have our own line of essential oils. Join our email list so you can be one of the first ones to try our new oils!


  • Have you ever wanted to buy pure, unadulterated, top-quality essential oils without having to buy through the hassle of multi-level marketing?
  • Have you ever wondered how to better use the oils that you already have? 
  • What if the creams, soaps, household cleaners, and perfumes that you used on a daily basis made you healthier - instead of exposing you to synthetic chemicals?


This company was formed to solve these problems!

To embrace life more fully, everyone needs to be physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. We believe that there are great health-enhancing properties hidden within nature. The distillation process helps us to unlock nature's secrets. Through aromatherapy, you can unlock these vital secrets and enhance your own life.

Most people turn to essential oils when they get sick. This is a natural response. It is also flawed.

We believe that wellness comes with embracing therapeutic activities on a daily basis. So instead of using essential oils only when you get sick, why not use them as part of your daily life - and stay healthy as a side benefit?

Instead of using toothpastes and shampoos filled with potentially damaging substances - why not use ones that increase your wellness?

Instead of eating processed, sugary foods that damage your immune system, why not eat food that boosts your immune system?

Instead of using synthetic air fresheners and perfumes that inflame allergies and irritate the senses, why not use aromatherapy oils that lift your mood?

Our product are designed to help with all of these things.

We aim to help you in your walk to wellness, wherever you are in the journey.